Back in Virginia!

So I’m back in my old house in Virginia.  Actually a different house than where I started the Long-EZ project back in 2011.  Since I won’t be getting my household goods or my plane parts for another couple of weeks, I figured I would get the garage shop prepped as much as possible to minimize the scrambling when all my stuff arrives.

My first order of business was to take out the 3 small incandescent bulb light fixtures and replace them with fluorescent light bars.  Also, I figured out where I was going to place my workbench.  Below you can see the workbench location, and the new light bars at the top of the pic.

Work space

I then started in building the workbench . . .

Work Bench

. . . then my neighbors stopped by to let me know that I was doing it all wrong!  Luckily they straightened me out, remeasured a bunch of boards for me, and I was back on track!  (There Dad and my good friend Dave lent me his old Craftsman circular saw to use until I get my tools delivered to me with my household stuff.  Since I don’t have any of my own tools, I’ll use that saw and a cheap 12v I picked up at Home Depot to build the workbench and shelves before my stuff arrives . . . Thanks Dave!)

Little Helpers



With the frame done I had to wait a couple of days because of the pesky rain (ahh, DC…) before I could cut the top shelf sections.


With a few hours reprieve from the rain, I was finally able to cut the top shelf and peg board and get this workbench in the bag.


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