Workshop prep – shelves

Here’s a picture of my garage workshop in a fairly clean state (read: empty!)

New Workshop!

After getting the workbench knocked out, I started in on building some decent shelves along the right side wall in the forward (closest to the garage door) corner.  Since I posted the pic above out of sequence, you can actually see the front corner of the shelving structure in the right side of the pic, just above the hood (or bonnet for some you!) of the truck.

Here’s the beginnings of the shelf project:


The narrow shelf structure that makes up the left side is a notch I’m making that will allow for a cabinet that will be used for storing the fiberglass rolls.  Of course the front door of the cabinet will rotate out & down for use as a glass cutting table.


As you can see in the pics I retrieved my neon green welder back from the clutches of my now TIG-welding crazed buddy Marco (if you haven’t seen his new TIG welder, check it out on his Long-EZ building site).  I also bought a cart (on sale!) at Harbor Freight to put the welder on and keep things nice ‘n spiffy.

ShelvesThe opening at the narrow side/left end of the shelves is where I’ll place my insulated epoxy/resin hotbox.  Below you can see the back wall of the hotbox.

Epoxy hotbox

If you look closely on the middle shelf, you can see the 3 light bulb fixtures that I pulled off of the ceiling.  These will be re-purposed as “heating elements” for the epoxy and glass storage cabinets.


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