Sortin’ Glass . . .

I started off today by going to Praktiker, Hornbach & Toom (Remember, German DIY stores), to find parts & materials for the canard build.

I also sorted through all the tons of spare glass that I’ve accumulated from the build so far. Lots of BID and UNI that didn’t pass the go/no-go test.  The pic just below shows glass that is all getting thrown out!  The second pic is all glass that I’ll reuse.

Getting tossedSaving usable glass!

Below are the bins that I had been storing (laid in, not just tossed) the extra glass bits ‘n pieces.  Once I got all the glass sorted, I re-stowed it in the bins.

Sorting glass

So now that my mandatory housecleaning endeavor is complete, tomorrow we’ll do some building!


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