Switching Epoxies

After a couple of discussions with a few members of the “Old Canard Guard,” including one of my building mentors, Dale Martin, I decided to pull the trigger and switch from MGS 335 to MGS 285.  While the epoxy itself isn’t that much more expensive, the slow hardener incurs a hazardous shipping penalty usually on the order of $45 per quart.  Yes, that’s on top of the cost of the hardener and the normal shipping fee!

MGS 285 hardener

So why did I switch?  Well, primarily safety.  After reviewing Gary Hunter’s Do’s & Don’ts of Epoxy Resin, I decided I should go after an epoxy that gives me the highest Tg.  I was already using the MGS system, so I was familiar with the system.  Plus, I’m moving to Germany in late July for a couple of years, so after a bit of research I’m fairly certain I can buy the MGS where it’s actually made and pick it up in bulk quantity ala Sam’s Club style.

Also, for the remainder of my build tasks here, I was also able to find a company in California to sell me two quarts of the fast hardener for  the $45 hazardous shipping fee.

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