Tooling Up & a VIP Visit!

Over the past few days I’ve been hard at work tying up a bunch of loose ends on the workshop that really makes it feel like I’m not getting much done. Doing new stuff seems like things are progressing more quickly while finishing up all the fine detail on previous tasks really doesn’t seem like progress at all!

Hmmm??? Sounds a lot like building an airplane!

Earlier I was able to get the front half of Bay 3’s lights installed, but when I went to pick up another 4-bar LED light from Lowe’s I quickly learned that it was twice as much as one off of Amazon. Being cheap and willing to wait a few days to finish the back half of the lights in Bay 3 I ordered the light from Amazon on my phone while standing in the middle of Lowe’s.

In addition to cutting and putting up quite a few blue-green foam panels (no pics) I also got my epoxy station assembled… which required cutting a new middle shelf and installing the upper shelf straight to the wall vs having it attached to the actual shelving unit as I’ve done previously. Also, instead of wrapping the work surface with multiple wraps of big packing cellophane, I had some white kitchen shelf contact paper left over that I used to help protect the tops of the work surfaces, making for easier cleanups of epoxy spills and such.

I was gearing up for another round of installing foam insulation and wallboard this morning when I got a call from Marco. His holiday break is coming to a close Sunday and he wanted to come down for a quick visit. He wanted to get back home before dark, partly just to get back at a decent hour and also so that Chris Cleaver could come along in his own Long-EZ… since Chris had dinner plans with his wife tonight.

Thus the visit would be a short hour-long one.

Since it’s a 25-30 min drive from the airport to my house, it was simply not feasible to bring the guys to the shop to see it for 5-10 min and then head back… too rushed. So we simple decided that we’d hang out at the airport and chat for a while.

Here’s Marco arriving and getting ready to enter the traffic pattern.

And here are Marco and Chris with their respective Long-EZs built by the infamous Ohio Gang (Terry Lamp and Mike Toomey)!

I took them over to show them my now-empty hangar and the damage caused by the tornado that spun off of Hurricane Dorian.

And here we are on the back side of the FBO chatting. Yep, it was a short visit but it was great to see these guys!

So I didn’t really get anything done today between visiting with the guys and then going out to dinner with friends here, but I’ll get back on it tomorrow [I did get a new battery that Marco delivered, see the next post for details on that].

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