Tooling Up: Power Drawbar

I’m pretty much done with the design of my Milling Machine’s Pneumatic Power Drawbar. For a better understanding of what a power drawbar does exactly –all related to tool changes– I’ve provided a link to Marco’s video on his power drawbar.

I’ve been feeling under the weather the past few days, so I got lazy and simply took some screenshots of my CAD-assembled pneumatic power drawbar right off the computer screen with my phone.

This shot shows the lever and cam function with the air cylinder, lever arms and rear pivot pin.

My version will have the drawbar actuator button on a front face panel. 

I then rendered the CAD-assembled power drawbar, adding a splash of color.  Again, this shot shows the internal lever arms, etc.

While this view shows the front face attached with the actuating button in place.

For an animated version of the rendered drawbar, showing different view angles (not any component movement…), click here.

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