Workshop – Last window!

Today I got busy on installing the last window in the workshop. I would say “replace” but this is more of a new window install… replacing a semi-permanent patch of I’m guessing some type of past window.

As you can see below, the window-shaped opening at the left end of the workshop was plugged with 2 pieces of OSB flooring paneling.

This is the view from the inside.

And after I removed the OSB panels, patched in the far end of the opening with a piece of metal siding and then framed in the window opening.

As with the other windows, to allow for mounting a flat-framed window to the ridged metal siding, I needed to create a frame around the opening.

Here’s the last workshop window mounted (finally!)

Of course the next step is to finish insulating this segment of wall and then covering it with OSB paneling.

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