Chap 7 Mod & Chap 8 – Fuselage sidewall mount & Seatbelts

Before it got too late at night (that noise ordinance thing again!) I started out the evening by cutting 4 pieces of 1/4″ Finnish Birch plywood for the hard points that will be glassed into each side of the interior fuselage corners where the seatbelt brackets will mount.  There is a 7-ply BID layup that goes over these 1/4″ ply hard points, so the seatbelt mounts are designed impressively robust & strong.  Since the pads that will be made up of the 7-ply BID aren’t that large, I scrounged together some scrap BID to throw into some “Poor Man’s” pre-preg set-ups.  Once I got the set-ups ready, I set them aside to use in the next few days.  (Sorry, no pics just yet)

I then checked and cleaned up the 3 threaded bungs: 2 BDCL and 1 interior R-side aft cockpit.  I double-checked the fit & finish of the bolt going into the Right side fuselage wall insert and it fit great and threaded in/out fine.

I marked and drilled out a foam hole on the Left side to mount an insert on the interior fuselage wall opposite the one on the right.

Chap 7 Mod - Left fuselage sidewall thread mount

I whipped up some micro and micro’d in the Left fuselage wall threaded insert (from the outside of the fuselage).

Since I had a fair amount of micro left over, I also filled in some fairly deep gouges in various places on the fuselage.


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