Chap 8 – GPS Antenna Puck Cover

I didn’t do much on the build today since I needed to focus on some real estate training and my Instrument pilot class.

I did do a real rough cleanup on the GPS antenna puck cover edges while it was still on the plug.  I actually popped the GPS antenna cover off the plug while it was just freshly cured late last night, then I taped it back onto the plug so it would keep its shape as it fully cured overnight.  It was definitely much more rigid today when I pulled it off the plug after razor trimming and sanding the edges.

Also, after I pulled the cover off the plug I cleaned up the inside corners that had some residual foam still attached.  Of course I had to place it on top of the headrest to see how it fit and get a few pics.

GPS Antenna Puck Cover

GPS Antenna Puck CoverGPS Antenna Puck Cover

I’ll be focusing on my Instrument pilot class all day tomorrow & tomorrow evening (Thursday) so I won’t be back on the build until Friday.



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