Chap 9 – Glassing main gear (& building wing jigs)

Today I planned out & ordered some RG-58 coax cable as per Jim Weir’s instructions for constructing antennas for EZs.

I also planned out some glass cuts for my Über-talented & lovely assistant, Gina, who excels in the arts of epoxy-mixing & glass-cutting.  She cut BID and UNI scraps for the main landing gear mount brackets while I worked on the wing jigs.  I cut out the #5 jig and the front sides of jigs #1-4.

Chap 19 - Wing JigsOnce the jigs were cut out, I mounted the 1″ x 8″ brackets on the jigs with glue & wood screws.  I drilled the two 1/4″ holes for the mounting bolts & wing-nuts but since I was using 3/4″ plywood instead of the planned  1/2″, I had to also countersink the bolt heads.

Chap 19 - Wing JigsChap 19 - Wing JigsI finished sanding the main landing gear bow in preparation for glassing the last of UNI layups on the gear legs.

Chap 9 - Main gear ready for final glassI set up the downstairs shop to glass the landing gear:  I cut the plastic for the UNI pre-preg set-ups and 5-min epoxied the gear to the 3 drywall screws.

Chap 9 - Main Gear final glassChap 9 - Main Gear final glassI then laid up the final sets of UNI.

Chap 9 - Main Gear final glassChap 9 - Main Gear final glassChap 9 - Main Gear final glassChap 9 - Main Gear final glassWhen all was finished, I had laid up 4 alternating layers on both the left and right sides of the gear bow, wrapping around the leading edge and coming together on the trailing edge.  Remember, each of the 4 layers of UNI alternate 30-40°, with two layers going in one direction and the other two layers going in the other direction to create a cross-hatch.

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