Chapter 19 – Wing jigs & foam cores

Today I glued the paper wing jig templates to the cut 3/4″ plywood wing jigs.  It took a while to find the trailing edge tip for one of the templates, but I finally found it.

Chapter 19 - Wing jigsChapter 19 - Wing jigs

After I got the paper templates glued on (I used 3M 77 spray glue) and cleared the jigs and table out of the way, I pulled out the huge Feather Lite crate that contained my foam cores and began to unpack it and inventory the foam wing cores.  As I stated a few days ago, I had been reviewing the plans since to get a decent idea of what I was looking at.  It still took some time to figure them all out.

Chapter 19 - Wing foam core inventoryChapter 19 - Wing foam core inventoryChapter 19 - Wing foam core inventoryThe Prime Directive during this specific task: DON’T DAMAGE THE FOAM CORES!!!

After I inventoried all the wing core pieces, it looked as though I was NOT going to need a hotwire saw to build the wings with what I had here.  Remember, I left my hot wire saw in Virginia with my buddy Marco.

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