Chapter 10 – High Density Foam Hard Points

I spent an hour or so researching and planning the torque offsets configuration & hinge placement.

Chap 10 - High Density Foam Block Inserts

I rounded up my block of 6# high density foam.

Chap 10 - H100 6# High Density PVC Foam

I “designed” my insert with a scrap of blue foam and once I had it locked in & test fitted into the canard, I used it as a template for the high density foam inserts.

Chap 10 - High Density Foam Block InsertsI test fitted 2 of the inserts and they fit well, but I didn’t micro them in place yet.  This foam is tough stuff!

Chap 10 - High Density Foam Block Inserts

I turned my focus back onto the elevators and 5-min glued the Left elevator upside down to the workbench for glassing.

Chap 11 - Bonding elevator to workbench for glassing

I then cut 3 sets of elevator glass: 1 set for the Left elevator bottom side, and 2 sets for the top sides of the elevators.


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