Chapter 11 – Glass Elevators

The Right elevator seemed to be curing a little bit slower than normal, so I had thrown a heater on it and that seemed to do the trick.  I pried it off the table, hit the front round edge of the glass with a hard sanding block to prep a transition for the topside glass layup that would overlap onto the bottom glass for glass-to-glass continuity.

Chap 10 - Right elevator after glass edge sanded

I then removed about 0.4 inches of TE foam & sanded down the newly visible glass for glass-to-glass continuity at the TE as well.  I then bondo’d the Right elevator right-side up to the workbench.

Chap 11 - Right elevator bondo'd to table

Chap 11 - Right elevator TE sanded/prepped

With both elevators now affixed to the workbench, I proceeded to layup the top side of the Right elevator & the bottom of the Left elevator.

Chap 11 - Elevators R/top & L/bottom prepped Chap 11 - Right elevator top glassedChap 11 - Right elevator glassedChap 11 - Left elevator bottom glassed

I peel plied the LE of the Right elevator, and after the epoxy had cured a bit & the glass was still tacky, I micro’d in the channel on the TE of the Right elevator & covered it with peel ply.

Just before I glassed the elevators, I had finished cutting all the H100 6# high density foam inserts and their respective positions in the canard (L&R of CL: 9.7″, 34.1″ & 59″).

Chap 10 - High Density Foam Inserts

Chap 10 - High Density Foam Inserts (+ Ch 11)

I micro’d in the high density foam pieces into place.

Chap 10 - Canard foam inserts micro'd in



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