Chapter 13/21/22 – More moon build

I’m starting off today with just a couple of gee-whiz shots of the nose with both the nose hatch and aft nose/avionics cover open.

I’m not sure when, but at some point today I decided I should test out my Oregon Aero upholstered front seat core… before the plane is inverted for a good month or so. I also was curious about the panel, and wanted to try them both out.

I have to say at this point I wouldn’t change a thing, on either the seat core or the panel. I was in there about 30 minutes, and to be honest, I didn’t want to get out… it was so comfortable and a nice break to do some mental armchair flying that I had to force myself to get out and get back to work!

Today’s major task at hand was finishing up the half moons for the quickly upcoming fuselage flip.  As per usual I had lofty goals of getting both of them completed, but only ended up getting the left side done.

Here I’m creating the internal “spokes” of this half wheel . . . if you will.

I then tried out the fitting to ensure all was good before pressing forward.

As you can see, I installed a decent-sized 45° brace from the inboard face of the half moon to the inboard support arm that bolts to the inboard wing bolt hard point.

And here we have the left side half moon complete!

Tomorrow I’ll continue my quest to finish the right half moon to allow me to flip the fuselage and shape/glass the bottom strake skins.

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