Chapter 13/18/22 – Thru-panel CAMLOCs

I got back from Greensboro early in the evening tonight and got into the shop after I unpacked my vehicle.  On the front porch was a FedEx box from SkyBolt with my “CAMLOC” studs for the thru-panel tabs to secure the aft nose/avionics cover.

I took the SkyBolt studs out to the shop and tried them out.  These are the shortest of the ones I ordered (-10) and as you can see, on the right side I probably need to drop down a size.  I’ll order a  couple of -9s and -8s when I place my next order either with SkyBolt or ACS.

Still, I’m happy with how they look, fit and function… and could certainly use all of these in the interim while waiting to replace the slightly-long stud on the right side.

I then got busy remounting the avionics bay electrical connector bracket on the interior right nose wall.  I 5-min glued it in place and then a bit later added a flox fillet and a ply of BID on top.  I then peel plied it.  Tomorrow I’ll layup another ply of BID on the bottom.

Before I remove the canopy to start on the strake build, I need to do one last thing: add a bit of meat to the aft bottom “corner” to both create a smooth curve around that “corner” and to also hide a bit of the gap with the interior drip shield.

I laid up 3 plies of scrap BID and then peel plied the BID, on both sides: underside and top.

I had meant to get a pic of the same type of addition I did a while back on the right side aft bottom canopy “corner,” but kept forgetting.  I did the same thing here with adding a small swath of 3-ply BID and then trimming it down.

Tomorrow I’ll get back to work on the nose to get it much closer to finished, and also start prepping for the strake build.


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