Chapter 13/18 – Buying stuff

Wiith no real building going on I’m back in the planning and collecting stages.  

So first off, some “tooling up!” . . . in the last few days I picked up almost the last of what I need for the Milling Machine pneumatic drawbar and lathe CNC conversion (again, the primary purpose for all this is to make components for the plane):

In addition, I picked up the 2 brass bars that I’ll lathe into my aft nose cover-securing hinge pins.  Also got some black phenolic for my canopy cam latch to help keep the right front corner of the canopy tightly secured during flight.

As a reminder, I 3D printed a mockup of an aft nose cover-securing hinge pin… the long white thing in the pic below.  I checked it out and assessed it on the actual plane during one my trips to the hangar, and giving the design a thumbs-up I then bought the brass stock.

I’ll also note that since I highly suspect that a LEZ labeled box(es) containing the AN3 bolts, aircraft grade nuts/hardware, and 6061 aluminum panel stock must be buried deep in the bowels of my #2 storage unit (e.g. not accessible), I pulled the trigger on some more hardware and 2′ x 2′ piece of 0.090″ thick 6061T6 instrument panel stock from ACS. 

Finally, I know this type of update isn’t momentous or awe-inspiring, but I post these to show that although I’m not full-on active on the build, I am still working it in every way possible.  I’m sure many of you have observed seemingly very active and motivated airplane build projects fall off into the chasm of oblivion, never to pop back up on radar again . . . just want to ensure folks that that’s not happening here!

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