Chapter 13/25 – More sanding!

Today I finished block sanding all the epoxy wiped surfaces on the bottom of the plane. The last piece of the puzzle was the right wing, which I was able to sand.

I then grabbed some shots of the final white paint on the nose gear strut, strut channel and wheel well.

And another shot (not the best I know) of the white painted gear strut.

In addition to getting the nose gear strut, etc. painted, I also wire brushed and sanded the upper tube of the nose gear actuator to remove the surface rust before priming and painting it.  I think this good coat of paint should stave off any corrosion for quite some time.  In addition, I plan on discussing anti-corrosion steps on the lower tube with Jack Wilhelmson.

Finally, I block sanded the gray primer on the exterior surface of the landing brake. I’ll hit it with another round of the micro-thickened high fill primer to fill in some slightly depressed areas. After the next round of thickened high fill primer I’ll do a final coat of white primer before painting it.

Tomorrow I plan to finalize all the prep tasks that will allow me to apply primer to the fuselage and the strakes, and possibly the wings.

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