Chapter 13 – Initial Nose Plans

Well, today I decided to act on yesterday’s vow to figure out my build plan for the Davenport extended nose.  I broke out the Davenport extended nose plans, figured out a myriad of details and made a template for my NG-30s.

One thing in specific I was looking at was the battery position & its installation configuration in relation to the heated pitot tube, and how it effected the capability of retracting the pitot tube.

Now, let me backtrack to February 2013.  I may have been a little remiss in the reporting of my project progress since I overlooked an extremely important component: my retractable heated pitot tube made for me by good friend Marco, a fellow Canardian and Long-EZ builder . . .

My Retractable Heated Pitot Tube

Yes, Marco–being the excellent & talented machinist that he is–machined me this beautiful retractable heated pitot tube.  Of course this wasn’t just a simple ‘throw some metal on the lathe and here it is’ endeavor, it took literally a couple months of research and discussion, and quite a bit of engineering and design.  And countless hours of machining work by Marco.  Marco describes the first part of the process here on his Blog What have I gotten myself into!

In addition, Marco covers the features of my Pitot Tube in this awesome video he made:


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