Chapter 13 – Last foam piece

Today was a slow build day in that pretty much the only thing I did was to get the middle foam floor H100 piece glassed.

I cut 2 pieces of BID at a 45° bias and used fast hardener in MGS epoxy to layup these BID plies.  As you can see below, I had to slide the BID up under the battery mounting cross tube.

After laying up the 2 plies of BID, I peel plied most of the glass since I’ll be adding a bit more foam & glass to this area.

As you can see in the pic below, I also laid up 1 ply of BID over the aft right Rivnut in the battery compartment.

H100 center foam 2-BID layup

A few hours later after the layups cured, I pulled the peel ply and did an initial clean up of the glass.  I also drilled out the screw hole in the Rivnut as well, as you can see with the inserted screw.

H100 center foam post layup

With this H100 piece installed & glassed, this is the last major piece of foam and glassing that is required for the INTERNAL nose.  Of course I have a myriad of small layups still yet to do, but as for actual nose structure (lower) all I have left to do is glass the external skin.  Clearly I still have the upper half of the nose to construct as well.

Tomorrow I plan on getting the layups completed on the top side of the nutplate assemblies for the forward NG30 cover.  Also, I’ll be constructing & glassing the nose gear backup battery’s foam mounting notch.


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