Chapter 13 – Main NG30 stuff finished

I pulled the peel ply off the Right-side NG30 plate, Napster bulkhead & the forward nose bulkhead.

I drilled 4 #12 holes for (not in) each NG8 aluminum mount–using the NG8 as a template–through the NG6 glass hardpoint in the NG30.  I also drilled the 5/16″ center hole in the hardpoint for the NG6B front gear pivot mount.

At the back end of NG30 I drilled a 1/4″ hole through the lower hardpoint for the EZ Noselift actuator mount.

I then mocked all this up as shown below.

Chap 13 - NG30 AssemblyChap 13 - NG30 AssemblyChap 13 - NG30 AssemblyChap 13 - NG30 AssemblyChap 13 - NG30 AssemblyChap 13 - NG30 Assembly

As for the 2 nose bulkheads, I had to put Napster (the larger one) into timeout because he was warped!  I weighed him down & put the heat on him to straighten him out.

Chap 13 - Bad Napster!

I had laid up a 2-ply BID layup using fast hardener on side B of the front nose bulkhead (smaller one) & then peel plied it.  A couple hours later I pulled the peel ply off, sanded the edges, and then drilled a hole in the center of it that will eventually allow the retractable heated pitot tube to retract into the nose.

Chap 13 - Front Nose Bulkhead

Next I went into high density foam cutting mode.  With the Davenport nose there are 2 additional arms (BC1)–extensions of the NG30 assembly if you will–that lie in between the smaller nose bulkhead (pictured immediately above) and the larger bulkhead we affectionally refer to as Napster, in the Battery Compartment area.  So in addition, these BC1 extension arms are notched to hold the Odyssey PC680 battery in place.  I cut the 2 BC1 pieces out of H250 high density foam.

Chap 13 - Inter Bulkhead NG30 extensionsChap 13 - Inter Bulkhead NG30 extensions

I also cut 8 pieces of “scrap” BID for a 2-ply layup that will be glassed on each side of the BC1 battery compartment plates/NG30 extensions.  I then glassed side A of the BC1’s (no pic) each with a 2-ply BID layup & peel plied.

Chap 13 - Inter Bulkhead NG30 extensions

Finally, I cut the F4.1 piece that will get glassed on the AFT side of the upright NG30 arms (the front side of the NG30 arms will get glassed to the aft side of Napster).

Chap 13 - NG4 foam piece Chap 13 - NG4 piece


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