Chapters 13/21/22 – A myriad o’ stuff

Ok, so today I started working on Chapter 10 – Canard; Chapter 13 – Nose/Nose Gear; and Chapter 21 – Fuel system . . . due to an error in my glassing though, my Chapter 10 piece turned into a Chapter 22 – Electrical system piece . . . you’ll see below.

First, I’ll start with Chapter 13 where I removed the peel ply from the BC1 Battery Compartment struts (NG30 Extensions) & knife edged/sanded the edges.

Chap 13 - BC1's glassed

Although I prepped some other layups first, for simplicity’s sake I’ll keep these all in order.  I then glassed side B of each BC1 with a 2-ply BID layup & peel plied.

Chap 13 - Glassing BC1's

To jump ahead even further, here is the end result a few hours later after the BC1’s cured (I used fast hardener since the layups were small), the peel ply was pulled and the edges trimmed.  I mocked up all the NG30 pieces–except for Napster, who was still in Time Out under the heater–to get an idea of how it all looked put together.  Again, except for Napster, which gets mounted on the front of the NG30 vertical arms & aft of the BC1s, this below is the skeletal framework for the nose.

Chap 13 - NG30/BC1's/Front BH MockupChap 13 - NG30/BC1's/Front BH Mockup

Now to Chapter 21 where I marked & cut the ragged ends off the fuel tank vent manifold body (that I glassed around a Rock Star energy drink can).

Chap 21 - Fuel vent manifold bodyChap 21 - Fuel tank vent manifoldChap 21 - Fuel tank vent manifold

I then used one of the cut end pieces to make a form for the fuel vent manifold end cap using blue wing foam.

Chap 21 - Fuel tank vent manifold capChap 21 - Fuel tank vent manifold cap

After I formed the shape I was looking for, I covered the entire form with duct tape & then fastened it using the tape to a duct tape base on a piece of cardboard.

Chap 21 - Fuel tank vent manifold cap

Chap 21 - Fuel tank vent manifold cap

Now before I show any of the glassing on the fuel tank vent manifold, let me show what I was working on concurrent to this.  I made a cardboard template of the shape of the canard next to the protruding antenna cables to make an antenna jack mount/cover for these cables, where they would tie into 2 respective jacks as a rather permanent fixture on the top aft/TE of the canard.  I also shaped blue foam in an effort to make this jack mount/cover.

Chap 22 - GIB headphone jack housingChap 22 - GIB headphone jack housing

Here’s the resulting form to be glassed, shown first bare & then prepped with Duct tape:

IMG_0111Chap 21 - Fuel tank vent manifold cap

Now, in the pic above I clearly got tunnel vision and the requirement for the contoured bottom of the wedge shaped antenna jack/cover completely eluded me . . . temporarily. Of course once the glass was laid up & peel ply applied, I realized this was not in fact going to work for what I intended it to.  Oh, well.  I just lost a little bit of time, some scrap BID and a little bit of epoxy.  In the end I got a piece that I think will work for the GIB’s headphone jack/cover.

The following pics show the antenna/headphone jack being glassed:

Chap 22 - GIB headphone jack housingChap 22 - GIB headphone jack housing

And here they are curing in front of the heater (it was quite chilly weather in Germany even though it was late May).

Chap 21 - Fuel tank vent manifold capChap 13 & Chap 21 pieces curing

Since I used all fast hardener on these components, I think the much faster curing sealed the glassed pieces to the foam more than usual.  The first fuel tank vent manifold cap I made was a bear to get off the form, and I ended up tearing up the somewhat fragile foam form to get it off the darn thing.  Thus, I had to make a completely new form for the second fuel tank vent manifold cap.  No worries.  Also, when I was glassing the 2-ply BID layup, some of the plies separated at the “corner” of the cap.  Instead of messing around with pulling the separated ply, I simply added another ply of BID for 3-plies total on the second cap.

Chap 21 - Fuel tank vent manifold capAfter I got the second fuel tank vent manifold cap laid up & curing, I then mocked up the first cap to see how it fit.  Once I saw that the fit was good I drilled a ~21/64″ hole (I had to use my Perma-Grit tool once I drilled the initial hole so the measurement is an approximate…forgive me Marco for not pulling out the calipers!) and mocked up the AN912 bushing & Nylaseal adapter.

Chap 21 - Fuel tank vent manifoldChap 21 - Fuel tank vent manifoldOnce I confirmed that AN bushing fit well, I sanded/prepped around the hole on the cap and floxed the bushing into place.

I then turned my attention back the soon-to-be headphone jack cover.  First, I pulled it off its form & then drilled the holes for the antenna jacks.  I then removed the peel ply.

Chap 22 - GIB headphone jack housingChap 22 - GIB headphone jack housing

I installed 2 antenna jacks (I’ll swap them out for headphone jacks) to test the fit.  Of course everything is good except there is NO CONTOUR CURVE on the bottom of the jack cover to match the canard.

Chap 22 - GIB headphone jack housingChap 22 - GIB headphone jack housing

So this piece is definitely either a headphone jack cover or something else yet to be determined.

Chap 22 - GIB headphone jack housing



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