Chapter 13 – NG30 Cover Complete

Today I had a fairly lengthy discussion on Long-EZ building and flying in general with my buddy Marco.  We discussed an issue with his transponder and we spoke about my new Trig TT22 Mode-S Transponder.  He was curious about the size of the Trig transponder so I snapped this pic… to be certain, it is a fairly petite device.

A bit later I got to work on the NG30 aft cover.  I wanted to get this thing knocked off my to-do list and it’s been long overdue.  I really screwed up the paint pretty good with all those runs on the surface, although I thought I took care of them.  But as I was buffing it out with some rubbing compound I could see some blemishes that needed more TLC with some very fine wet sanding.

My point in listing my self-inflicted woes on this thing is to highlight that I spent well over 3 hours finishing it up.  But it’s done! (Note the reflection in the front face of the NG30 cover).

And a view of the left side of the finished NG30 cover.

I noted a strong reflection on the left side, so I grabbed a _________________ (can you tell?!) and held it in place.

Here’s another reflection shot on the NG30 cover’s top that shows a distinct reflection of one of the shop lights.

Today really was a day of phone calls, errands, research and a bit of shop time, but tomorrow I do plan on getting a good amount of stuff done.


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