Chapter 13 – NG30s & Chapter 21 – Fuel Vent Manifold

I started off by using the NG30 template to cut 8 pieces of BID @ 90° & 8 pieces of BID @ 45° so the glass would have alternating bias when I glass the sides (4 plies each side).

Chap 13 - Glassing NG30 plates

I glassed the alternating 4-ply BID layups on the Inboard sides of the NG30 foam plates & then peel plied them, starting with the Left-side NG30 high density foam plate.

Chap 13 - Glassing NG30 & Fuel Vent Manifold

Below shows the two completed glassed & peel plied NG30 sides.

Chap 13 - NG30s/Manifold glassed/peel plied

The following 2 pics shows first the finished Inboard side of the Left NG30 plate, and then the second pic shows the same for the Right NG30 plate.

Chap 13 - Left NG30 glassed/peel pliedChap 13 - Right NG30 glassed/peel plied

Now, in the 3 top pics above I’m sure you noted the Rock Star energy drink can covered with duct tape; then it glassed with a 2-ply BID layup; and then peel plied.  This can is the start to the makings of a fuel tank vent manifold as James Redmon did on his fantastic Berkut 13.  James has an awesome site covering his Berkut build at, and for details on the fuel tank vent manifold system click here.  Below are some before and after closeup shots of the can as it was glassed/peel plied.

Chap 21 - Fuel Vent Manifold

Chap 21 - Fuel Vent Manifold

Since I laid up the fuel tank vent manifold with fast hardener, just a couple hours after I glassed it I pulled the peel ply.

I took a shot of the canard & the elevators below.  I should probably mention that I’ve halted my canard building efforts for a few reasons:  A)  As with all my other components, I have to ship the canard back and want it as short as possible.  I really don’t want to mount the elevators without finalizing the outboard end-caps as a complete process.  B)  I have to get all the elevator control system pieces mounted together as an entire unit to know exactly where to mount the elevators, and I need a few pieces machined to do that, which is not happening here or soon.  C)  Randi & Chrissi mentioned that it is a lot easier to finish the canard first, then mount the elevators–thus making the finishing process go much faster & smoother.  I’m taking this into consideration as well.

Chap 10/11 - Canard & Elevators



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