Chapter 14 – CS spar…bottom spar cap

Today I removed the peel ply from the CS spar bottom spar cap trough repair layup… it looked good.

12 Sep

I sanded down the spar cap trough & cleaned up the peel ply goobers.

I then used 1x2s for the lower spar cap Outboard dams, and because I’m cheap (and slightly retarded) I reused a recycled piece of 1/4″ ply from the top spar cap layup for the center dam piece.  I bondo’d the dam pieces to the CS spar for the lower spar cap layup.

I did a final sanding & cleanup of the lower spar cap trough & vacuumed the entire layup area.  I taped the foam adjacent & lying next to the spar cap trough & then marked the BLs for the individual lengths of 3″ UNI tape that would be glassed into the spar cap.

Chap 14 - CS lower spar cap

Chap 14 - CS lower spar cap

I mounted the epoxy runoffs on each of the spar and repositioned the spar lower & secured it in place.  I needed it lower because hours & hours of glassing these spar caps will give you carpel tunnel & make your hands numb from the odd position they’re in while glassing.


I floxed the front of the channel again just like I did on the upper spar cap, before laying in the 3″ UNI tape.  I then glassed the lower spar cap.  I started around 8:30 pm & finished at half past Midnight (4 hours).

Chap 14 - CS lower spar capChap 14 - CS lower spar capChap 14 - CS lower spar capChap 14 - CS lower spar cap

I peel plied the spar cap and called it a night.  Below is the total amount of epoxy I have left from the huge container I bought in May.  So far, I’ve used about 8 gals of epoxy since I’ve been in Germany.

Remaining MGS epoxy



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