Chapter 14 – CS spar cap channel repair

Today I started by sanding a good majority of the plywood dam remnants off the CS spar during my lunch break.  Later on, I sanded a bunch more (the 1/4″ plywood was simply a PITA to remove).

I prepped the foam near the corner of the shear web on the edge of the lower spar cap channel where I would be laying up my repair glass.  I used a mixture of flox & micro on the newly bared foam.  In a few spots I used straight flox for a smooth transition from foam to the existing glass.

I prep-pregged & laid up the 2-ply UNI & 1-ply BID on the lower spar cap channel.  I then peel plied the newly laid repair glass.

As for pics, you are probably noticing a trend.  As I transcribe my build log from my notes & put them online, I notice that documenting events tended to go by the wayside when I went into crisis/repair mode.  Thus, unfortunately, I don’t have any pics of this repair.  I would say that I will try to do better in the future, but my days of making any mistakes during this project are behind me, so I won’t have any to document.  HA!  (I wish . . .)


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