Chapter 16/19/20 – A bit o’ stuff done

I started out today by swapping out the temporary nuts on the bolts securing the CS127 brackets to the aircraft grade nuts to make the install permanent.

I then knocked out a seemingly sideline task of aligning the trailing edge of the ailerons with the trailing edge of the wing… that seem to get askew once the aileron is cut out of the wing and remounted,

Here’s the inboard aileron trailing edge seam with the right wing, before and after I sanded down the wing to bring the edges into alignment.

Here’s a view down the trailing edge of the right wing.

I then did the same on the left wing.

The outboard edges weren’t that bad, and with some minor sanding were back into alignment.

I then rounded up my CS125 and CS126 aileron control tubes that connect the CS128 bell crank to the aileron control tab on the firewall.  There was a tad bit of surface rust on the 4130 steel control tubes after all these years, so I decided to do a bit of corrosion control and prevention.

The first pic on the left is the raw aileron control tubes.  In the middle pic the shorter tube has been sanded and cleaned up, whereas in the last pic on the right both control tubes have been sanded, cleaned up and acetone-wiped for painting.

I started to prime the aileron control tubes with Zinc Chromate, but I guess the paint can had gone bad since after a couple of passes it just wouldn’t fire anymore.  I tried with no avail to get it to shoot but no joy,

So I brought the partially primed control tube back into the shop and cleaned off the Zinc Chromate I had shot onto it.

I then grabbed my trusty can of Rustoleum self-etching primer and hit the tubes with that (left pic).  After a good hour-plus cure I then shot the control tubes with flat black exterior automotive paint…. which cures to full hardness in 48 hours.










My last task of the evening was taking the right lower winglet outside and sanding it in prep for further glassing and micro finishing.

Tomorrow will be a light build day since I’m leaving mid-day for Raleigh to attend an overnight Halloween party with Jess.  Upon returning I intend to upgrade my CS spar wing bolt brackets and get the wings installed in prep for shaping and glassing the strake tops.


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