Chapter 16/19 – MM-4 rod ends in place

Besides finishing up and tweaking yesterday’s post, I did a fair amount of research today on upcoming tasks.

I also received the MM-4 1/4″ rod ends a day earlier than expected.  I went ahead and mounted an MM-4 on the end of the left wing aileron control tube, CS125.

I then did the same on the right side, installing an MM-4 rod end on the end of CS126 aileron control tube.

In the wing roots, I installed the MM-4 rod ends, tested the aileron geometry good before then drilling and riveting the rod end inserts into place on the end of the left and right CS129s.

Note that I also marked a considerably number of the hardware with orange torque seal.

I also pulled out my TIG welder and a bunch of welding accessories in prep to welding the wing bolt bracket U-channels tomorrow.  I may need more nitrogen shielding gas so will deal with getting some more of that if required.


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