Chapter 16/22/23 – Walking it in…

If ya’ll thought I was going into the weeds over the last week, I’m going even a little deeper over the next day, or two, or three.  I’m going to be wiring up some switches and harnesses while the circuits and configurations are fresh in my head, as well as a bunch of minutia cleanup tasks on the front left armrest to prep it for final install (i.e. paint).

I started off this morning by popping the left pilot armrest off and checking to see how the top aft mounting bracket floxing looked.  It was standing off the surface of the seatback just a bit more than I expected (~0.08″), but other than that it looked great… with no extraneous flox anywhere.

I took and verified some measurements for some CAD work I had on my task list for today for the 3D printed mockups below.  I then headed into the house to finish up a design for some cockpit placards that I’m having a local shop make up.  I had stopped in over a week ago and didn’t want them to forget who I was and/or what we discussed, so I spent about 45 minutes knocking that out to get the order in for some cockpit placards.

I then verified a bit more electrical stuff with diodes and relays to ensure my circuits were correct.  My hypotheses were good to go so I’ll press forward with my shenanigans.

Of course I had 3D printouts going while I was doing the above tasks.  Here we have another heat sub-panel plate for the very front left corner of the left armrest, just in front of the panel.  There are two round switches for the GIB & pilot heated seats, an A OR B push-button switch that selects heated seats OR oil heat (not both at the same time to limit current draw), and a knob that selects the output of the oil heat pump.

The other component is my lever mockup for the throttle/mixture friction lock . . .

which I have in place here.  I annotated my tweaks and reconfigs and pressed forward with another version of course.

As far as heat sub-panel #2, here is the bare switch/dial mounting plate.

And here it is with the panel cover in place.  The elevation of the glassed-in plate is a hair low, so besides providing something that I can finish and label (external to the cockpit) it will raise the surface up just a bit to where it should be.

I also labeled the oil heat sub-panel and then hit it with a few coats of clear.  Yep, the labels aren’t on there perfectly aligned —I know— but good enough for the proverbial government work!

My last official task of the evening was filling the gaps between the outboard edge of the left pilot armrest and the sidewall with micro.  I of course taped off the sidewall with clear packing tape, then slathered up the armrest edges with medium-dry micro before installing the armrest into place with all its hardware.

I then left the armrest to cure overnight.

My goal tomorrow really is to get to work on the throttle and mixture friction lock… which I hope to get knocked out and off the plate.  There will be some armrest glass work for the friction lock, which I want to get started by tomorrow evening to have it finished up by the following evening, given cure times.

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