Chapter 19 – Left wing… lower spar cap

I sanded the spar cap with an orbital sander & by hand…then vacuumed.  (I apologize, my camera batteries are kaput & keep forgetting to buy new ones… so no pics again)

I Dremelled out the forward side of the spar cap channel to remove dead micro & glass.

I installed the dam for the spar cap layup with bondo, and then taped along each side of the spar cap along the edges & covered the foam with plastic.

I cut the 3″ UNI tape for glassing the spar cap.  I marked each piece 1-7.

I then dry-micro’d the edge of the spar cap channels the full length on each side.  I found one small bubble/dry spot, so I gave it a quick epoxy injection.

Even the though I sanded the snot out of the shear web/spar cap glass, I added just a dash of flox to the initial epoxy I used for the base spar cap wet-out to add just a little bit more umph to its grip.

I laid up the lower spar cap using the plan’s layup schedule with the added plies as per CP-25.  I peel plied the spar cap layup.

After a few hours cure, I removed the protective duct tape & plastic, and rough knife cut each end.


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