Chapter 19 – Wing lower spar cap prep

Today I ensured the wing jigs were 90° from the table (sorry, no pics for today).  I then floxed the top of the wings to the jigs.

I made 2 foam plugs for the holes I had to drill into the wing at FC2 & FC3.  I micro’d in the plugs, cut off the excess foam & cleaned them up.

I Dremelled overhanging glass & dead micro from the spar cap channel.  I also Dremelled all the horizontal micro joints/seams.

I removed the L-brackets and laid the wing over bottom side up.

I stringed the wing/jigs level, then shimmed & re-installed the L-brackets to secure the wing.

Another negative aspect of dealing with the split wing issue is that I forgot to peel ply the shear web, thus I will have to sand the shear web on each side (adding a lot of work) before I lay up the spar caps.

I prepped the bottom of the wing so that the shear web/spar cap channel is ready for sanding.

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