Chapter 19 – Got batteries?! Yes!!!

Today I cut the spar cap ends level with the wing root & wingtip.  After buying batteries for the camera – Yeah!!

” . . .  and there was much rejoicing!”

I then removed the wood dam for the spar cap layup & sanded the area between BL 23 & BL55.5.  I got rid of the bondo and rounded over the corner edge.

Chap 19 - Left wing prep for glass

I sanded the spar cap & blended it with the contour of the wing.  I hand sanded the bottom wing surface with a sanding board to get rid of the ridges and some minor differences in elevation.  Especially in the aileron area around the split between the FC2 & FC3 sections.

If you look closely in the pic below (or enlarge it), you can see 2 white dots, one on each side of the micro seam, a little forward of the aileron peel ply strip.  Those are the 2 holes I had to drill to put improvised lifting bars through the wing sections to repair the FC2/FC3 split after glassing the shear web and attaching the front wing FC4/5 section.

Chap 19 - Left wing prep for glass

I vacuumed the entire wing surface, very lightly sanded (and vacuumed again) the Leading Edge (LE) & ran duct tape across the bottom half of the LE.  I also tacked on 1″ peel ply on the TE & 65″ across the top of what will be the aileron cutout (wing side).

14 Aug

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