Chapter 19 – Lower wing skinned

Today I re-sanded the area between the aluminum wing bolt extrusions & the BL 55.5 wing jut out.

Since some of the foam on the Inboard edge of the BL 55.5 jut out was rounded over a bit, I shaped a foam “shelf,” covered it in duct tape and then attached it on the edge of the jut out next to the rounded over edge for the wing glassed skin to lay on and cure at the proper/straight orientation.  The tiny bit of a gap created by doing this will be a non-issue since the foam in that area removed down by 0.7″.

I cleaned & vacuumed the work bench.

I put the wing UNI glass in a plastic garbage bags, double bagged (it was drizzling rain off & on) & pre-deployed it to the garage.

I applied thick micro to the deeper joints and used micro-paste on the standard joints.  I then used microslurry for the field.

I used slow hardener and laid up the wing glass.

Chap 19 - Lower wing skin glassed

I used 2″ peel ply on the LE & 3″ peel ply on the “V” around the wing bolt access hole.

I lost some of my TE peel ply that was supposed to be under the layup because I had run out of tacks, and tried using staples to keep the peel ply in place.  The staples popped right out as soon as a squeegee with some pressure on it passed over the glass above.  I’ll just have to deal with that issue when I get to those areas.

I then laid up the BID reinforcement at the end of the wing & peel plied it as well.

Chap 19 - Lower wing skin glassedI came back a few hours later and knife trimmed both wing ends, BL 55.5 just out & the TE.  I also removed the peel ply from the LE & the wing bolt access hole area.

Chap 19 - Lower wing skin glassed



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