Chapter 20 – Winglets/Rudder complete

I started off today by pulling the peel ply off the single BID ply layup on the aft bottom corner of the right rudder.

I then razor trimmed and lightly sanded the edges.  It definitely reinforced the tweaked corner and did exactly what I hoped it would do.

With my K1000-3s finally delivered, I removed the right rudder and installed 2x K1000-3s on the bottom hinge, and one each on the middle and top hinges, for a total of four (4) K1000-3s installed tonight (7 total installed overall).

I then reinstalled the right rudder with all the bolts in place.  I need to do a minor bit of tweaking on the right rudder alignment, as well as some judicious sanding, but overall everything looks really good.

I then repeated the process on the left side rudder.  First I installed the 4x K1000-3s.

And then reinstalled the left rudder, secured with all the required number of bolts.

The left rudder is a lot less of a troublemaker than the right, so I have no notable squawks to report.

Here are closer up shots of the left rudder hinges with all the bolts installed.

Tomorrow will be a bit of a light build day, but I do plan on getting back to work on the engine and cowlings.

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