Chapter 21 – New BABs

Today was a rather light work day, but I did get some significant stuff done.

First off, I glassed the strake baggage compartment side junctions of the newly extended BAB baffles with a 1-ply BID tape.  I then peel plied the layups.

I then added the last piece (with micro) in my reconstruction of the outboard end of the left strake leading edge structure to allow me to recut and fit it at the appropriate length.

Associated with my corrective action above on the left strake leading edge, I also cut, trimmed and shaped the left strake outboard rib and micro/glassed it into place.

Later in the evening I pulled the peel ply off the extended BAB baffles, razor trimmed the glass and cleaned up the layups.

These new BABs are now ready for install.

Tomorrow I’ll continue with some more glassing as I prepare to finish my strake trial fit and assembly, to then start assembling the strake for real.

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