Chapter 21 – Right strake UNI strip

It’s been a slow last couple of days on the build.  I was pretty wiped out Saturday from the very late night right strake T-hat layups and I needed to get some personal stuff done. And today I went to the aquarium and hung out with my little buddy for a good portion of the day, so not as much checked off the ‘ol list as I had planned to get done.

I started out by spending about 45 minutes working on the milling machine.  I picked up the bolts I needed yesterday to finally mount the X-axis motor mount and far end bearing assembly.  I then test mounted the X-axis stepper motor to see how it fit.  And just like the Z-axis motor it looks like I need to trim a bit off of the motor shaft… about 1/8″ for it seat all the way onto the mount.

I then got busy on assembling the 2 plies of UNI and a ply (and a half) of carbon fiber UNI, all about 1″ x 30″.  I also cut 3 pieces of scrap BID about 2″ wide to cover all the UNI.

I then prepregged the UNI and BID and wet it out with EZ-Poxy . . .

And laid up this leading edge reinforcement glass into the right strake.

Quite a few hours later, after my outings and play time, I got back into the shop to make some noise.  I first marked up the left strake T-hat trim lines.

… including the outboard T-hats as well.

And then trimmed the T-hats down with the Fein saw.

I then sanded all the edges.

Again, this should minimize all the blood sacrifices that I seem to give every time I reach my hands in or around these strakes in their current, raw condition… especially when I measure out the ribs and baffles for attaching the left strake lower skin.  Speaking of which, I did start cutting some BID tapes for the attachment of the left strake lower skin, but didn’t get a shot of it.

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