Chapter 21 – Strake Leading Edge Kit

After getting settled back in from being at Rough River this past weekend, I set about to do a proper inventory of all the strake ribs and fuel tank baffles from the Feather Light Strake Leading Edge Kit that I bought off Nate Mullins back in late 2013 and finally just picked up.

Here’s a shot of them below back AT MY HOUSE! The pieces all have a shiny covering on them which is just an extra layer over the peel ply.  All the parts will need a final trim before final installation, but having these parts pre-glassed and pre-cut should save me days on the strake build.

Feather Light Strake Kit

I cleaned up the inside glass of the leading edge pieces, and then set up for a pic before they were  stored away once again.

Feather Light Strake Leading Edges



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