Chapter 22 – AEM Box install

Today I finished installing the Nose Gear AEM box to the forward face of F22.  First, I cleaned up the 5-min glue that oozed out & dried around each Clickbond.  I also sanded down the area around the Clickbonds for a layup of 2 plies of BID around each set.

Apparently Marco had told me that I needed to prep the lid-mounting holes in the AEM box –which of course I promptly forgot– so the there was a bit of separation between the box layers (slight splitting) at each corner from me installing screws into the screw posts. Thus, when I laid up my 2 plies of BID around each set of Clickbonds, I then mounted the box, applied wet epoxy to each corner, and then clamped the box on each side to compress the corners to remove the minor splitting.

Here’s another shot of the AEM box with the clamps applied.

When I laid up the 2 plies of BID over the Clickbonds, I of course peel plied the glass for a smooth transition.  Also, I laid up the BID earlier in the day, so by late night the layups were cured and ready to be cleaned up.  The pic below is from late evening.

In addition, before I laid up the plies of BID over the Clickbonds, I determined the location of my next big power cable Adel clamp hardpoint.  I marked the location with a dot as you can see below, and then I drilled out the hardpoint hole in the sidewall.

I really didn’t get any other in-between pics, so with the same cure rate as the BID for the AEM box’s Clickbonds, by the end of the evening the big power cable Adel clamp hardpoint flox was cured and the threaded insert set in place.

Also, in addition to the AEM box Clickbonds and big power wires’ Adel clamp hardpoint, I also laid up a ply of Carbon Fiber over the left side and aft/bottom side of the taxi light cover.  I did get about half of the top as well, so when I do the last Carbon Fiber ply layup, I’ll work to get a nice overlap on the top and a good seam between the aft/bottom side and the right side.  One point of note is that the pic below is of the taxi light cover layup after I did a rough cleanup.  I need to do a good cleanup of the edges, align sides, etc. before I layup the final ply of Carbon Fiber.

I’ll continue to work these subsequent layups, but also within the next day or so I plan on wiring up the nose gear AEM box.


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