Chapter 21 – Ribs & baffles, Oh my!

Tonight was one of those huge milestones for this airplane build: I finished installing all the ribs and baffles for the right side strake, and thus the entire plane.  Good thing too because those layups spending hours and hours on your knees, trying to jam BID tapes, flox/micro fillets and peel ply back into very tight corners is a backbreaking workout and a half!

Here’s the right strake with the very front duct tape pulled and the R23 rib installed.  Since so much of this strake structure is cantilevered out from the CS spar, I’m giving the right strake —as I did the left— 3 entire days to cure, as I leave all the leading edge to ribs/sidewall screws, duct tape and wood support clamps in place.

Here’s a higher angle shot of the R23 rib installed into the right strake.  I have to say that I’m very pleased that the elevation of the right strake at the R23-leading edge intersection is within 0.050″ of the left strake…. not bad!

And outboard/inboard shots of the leading edge side of the R23 rib install.

And outboard/inboard shots of the aft CS spar side of the R23 rib install.

A side shot of the right strake R23 install.

Here we have the DB baffle and extended/modified BAB baffle installed.

A couple aft forward shots of the DB baffle and extended/modified BAB baffle install.

And a requisite shot of the extended/modified BAB baffle through the GIB sidewall strake opening.

Finally, a shot of the installed R23 rib peeking through the front seat strake opening.

I still have a myriad of strake-related tasks to knock out as I move on to the next major structural piece of the strakes: the top and bottom skins.

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