Chapter 22 – Roll Trim Cable

Today was kind of a light build day.  I did finalize and submit orders to SteinAir and ACS, but I also wanted to knock out the 5-wire roll trim & ELT GPS signal cable that piggybacks off the Infinity stick grip’s P5 connector.

I started by trimming back the outer cable sheath and collected up my 5 mini-Molex sockets.  This first end that I terminated was for the P5 connector side since all these sockets will mount into a 6-pin mini-Molex connector housing (J5) that I just ordered from Stein.

5-wire roll trim & ELT GPS cable

Here’s the mini-Molex connectors terminated on the P5/J5 connector side of the 5-wire roll trim & ELT GPS signal cable.  Although this cable does of course include the ELT GPS signal cable, I have given it the moniker –and label– of simply the “ROLL TRIM cable.”

Roll trim & ELT GPS cable mini-Molex sockets

I then terminated the 5-individual wires on the roll trim servo end.  The J6 mini-Molex connector on that end is only a 4-pin connector, since that is all that is required to drive the Roll Trim’s RAC T2-10A servo.  I separated out the ELT GPS signal wire and terminated it with a D-Sub pin for future connection with the ELT GPS feed that will have a D-Sub socket.  I then terminated the other 4 wires with mini-Molex sockets.  I then added heat shrink to the wires groups.

5-wire roll trim & ELT GPS cable ends terminated

Here’s a closer shot at both ends of the Roll Trim Cable.

5-wire roll trim & ELT GPS cable ends terminated

Here’s the J6 4-pin mini-Molex connector (A side) on the Roll Trim servo side, and the ELT GPS signal wire.

Roll trim servo side J6 mini-Molex connector

And a look at the entire Roll Trim system.

5-wire roll trim & ELT GPS cable complete!

I was playing around a bit (dismantling) the odd, heavy, large joystick-type switch that came in the throttle handle when I found this guy buried inside of it.  It’s a rather large press-in-fit momentary on-off switch that I’m going to press into service as my GIB PTT button!

Serendipitous discovery of GIB PTT button!

My final act of the evening as I watched Thursday night football was to finalize the rewiring of the TruTrak ADI wiring harness by twisting the whopping three 22 AWG wires together and then installing the backshell to the 9-pin D-Sub connector.  I included the originally installed harness wires in this pic to again show how huge they were/are (14-18 ga)!

Completed rewiring of TT ADI wiring harness

Tomorrow will be a light build day since I’m heading out mid-afternoon for a social engagement.  I will try to get a bit more done on the Triparagon structure though (and stop sloughing off since there’s no football games tomorrow!)


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