Chapter 23 – Early Christmas!

After a late night building last night, today I was awoken by the FedEx guy delivering my Hertzler Silver Bullet Prop!  Yeah, one more major item off the list.  Getting much closer to getting this baby in the air!

Silver Bullet Prop Arrives!Silver Bullet Prop

After gawking at the prop for a while, I then went down to the shop and removed the tool box from its lower mounts.  To do so, I removed all the tape from the inside of the tool box that had kept the Clickbonds in place, and then I very slowly worked the box back & forth to free it from some of the cured flox. After wiggling it back and forth with a very slight prying action it popped free after about 20 seconds.

Tool box lower mounts installed

I then removed the protective packing tape from the back side of the tool box, and cleaned up the holes just a bit.  Then I remounted the tool box to see how it fit.  Ahh, nice & tight against the Clickbonds that were pressed into service as mounting tabs!

Tool box lower mounts installed

The fit is so tight the tool box stays in place mounted onto jus the lower tabs, even when I open & close the lid.  Obviously once I get the upper 2 button head screws drilled & mounted it will be nice & secure.  I’m extremely pleased thus far on the way this tool box is working out!

Tool box lower mounts installed

As I said yesterday, today is a light build day since I’m taking the night off for social frivolities. Tomorrow first thing I plan on filling flocro in on the fuselage side of the elevator torque tube assemblies, which will make up the lower half of the holes for the elevator control tubes traversing the fuselage/nose sidewall… thus minimizing the amount of unwanted COLD air entering into the cockpit.


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