Chapter 23 – Engine Build Prep

Today was all about attempting to catch up on some email, personal errands, etc. and prep for the engine build tomorrow.

While collecting up parts and components for the engine build I finally took a good look at the GRT EIS4000 Engine Info System Connector B wiring harness that contains the wire leads to the engine CHT and EGT probes.  However, after digging around in the box I didn’t find anything else other than what is pictured below, so I sent an email to GRT with the pic asking for clarification on just the exact CHT/EGT stuff I was supposed to get with the EIS4000.

Since I haven’t taken pics of the shy B&C starter and its closest buddy –also shy– the B&C 40 Amp alternator, I thought I’d do so before they get mounted to the engine.

Now, both the Canard Pusher newsletters and B&C touted this starter as “lightweight” and maybe it is compared to other starters out there, but man, when I was dragging this and the alternator down off the shelf in the shop I thought…. that’s a lot of combined weight for the very aft point of the engine, no wonder Burt wanted us to hand prop these birds!

Here’s the shy twin: the B&C 40 Amp alternator.  Looks like a quality piece of equipment . . . very robust.

And one final shot of the B&C 40 Amp alternator before it goes back in the box to get mounted on the engine in the next day or two.

Finally, here’s my engine “kit” awaiting loadout into my truck.  I wanted to wait until the morning to load the truck since that’s a lot of money sitting there …. so will keep it as safe as possible until necessary to haul it.

I’ll be up at O’dark thirty tomorrow to load out the truck with all the engine components above and make the 1.5 hour trek up to Winchester, VA for the engine build.



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