Chapter 23 – Inner baffles: final layups

I started off today by calling GRT to order 2 of their compression fitting style EGT probes.  Knowing what I know now and the much improved clearance that these will provide I figured the time is right to get them installed.  Plus I confirmed with James that he would be able to weld on the required 1/8-NPT threaded bungs onto the exhaust pipes.  I’ll simply hold the other ones as backups for my other 2 hose-clamp mounted probes.

Out in the shop I started off by pulling all the tape and plastic off the cylinder #2 aft baffle with the fin standoff support bump now integrated into it (pic 1).  I then trimmed the CF around the edges a bit, removed the protective tape off the cylinder, and set the aft baffle back in place for a test fit (pic 2).

Here we have a shot from the side to show the cylinder #2 aft baffle with the fin standoff support bump integrated into the baffle (note: the baffle is about 1/8″ low so it’s not fitted to the cylinder in this pic).

I’ll remind everyone that this fin standoff support bump in the baffle is to allow for these standoff supports as Dave Adams did on his #2 cylinder as well.

I took a couple hours to cut some more CF and lay up a few spares of the inner baffle segments in case I ever run into trouble or just need them in general… before I send the inner baffle molds back.

I’ll also note that the Toyota RTV —that is apparently the cat’s meow for mounting these CF inner baffles— was delivered today.  Now I have no excuse not to get these baffles trimmed up and installed on the engine!

Which I plan on doing over the next few days.

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