Chapter 23 – Prop Spinner

Over the last few weeks we’ve had some spells of really cold weather so I wimped out and instead of working on the shop I’ve been getting some much-needed internal house upgrades and repairs knocked out. I want to get a decent chunk of these house updates done –specifically on the back bedroom– so that when I load it up with stuff as a temp “storage room” so the other bedrooms can be minimally furnished and eventually get refinished as well (after the build).

I found some unexpected electrical and plumbing issues that I needed to take care of as well, so that has added to my sideline internal house updates, which has taken me away from my sideline workshop updates, that is of course keeping me from building the damn airplane! (Let’s say I’ve been in a fairly annoyed state for a good couple months now . . .)

The good news is that I finally received my Hershey Kiss spinner and flow guide from Catto. It took them a while to get it to me, but it looks high quality and definitely the style I wanted. Moreover, the carbon fiber weave pattern is just really cool!

Ok, I’m hoping to be on the build ASAP, but honestly some of this house, move and workshop stuff is proving to be much more of a time-soak than I had wanted/anticipated.

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