Tooling Up – Final workshop roof

Yes, more updates on my workshop (sigh… ) and although it probably seems like the following task is purely a cosmetic one, I can assure you that it is more about preventing rainwater from weaseling its way in under the roof panels and collecting on the underlayment (trapped in between) . . . not good!

First off, this step of the finishing the roof isn’t happening at this point since I am now just getting around to it! I ordered these corner edge caps and materials in mid-December. The local building supply seriously just got all the components to me a couple weeks ago! Their buffoonery would make for a laughable sitcom episode if this was TV, but it’s not and in real life it was simply a maddening version of Abbott and Costello’s “Who’s On First” skit.

So of course after a good two weeks went by my schedule and the weather finally jived enough for me to get around to installing the roof edge caps.

Here’s the right end of the carport that was done almost a week before the front was completed (complete with fresh paint underneath).

Here’s the “BEFORE” shot of the front edge of the workshop roof. As you can see, in the meantime I had installed some security cameras on the corner of the workshop (need my tools and toys to be secure while I’m out of town!).

And this is a couple of days later when I completed —finally!— the workshop’s new roof install.

Here we have the top part of the workshop roof front edge corner cap. You can see how it covers the first 6 inches of the roof panel to keep the rain OUT.

If you look closely in the pic above, about mid-point of the roof front edge, you can see the junction of where the back yard meets the large concrete tarmac in front of the workshop. The dirt and grass piled up along this junction is where I dug about an 8-inch deep trench to run two outdoor CAT 7 ethernet cables from the “IT Closet” inside the house. One of these cables provides Internet/WiFi to the workshop while the other one is for workshop’s interior/exterior security cameras. Previous to running these cables I was just too far out of range to receive a good WiFi signal from the house.

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