Tooling Up – Shop ceiling insulation

Yep, still dealing with necessary “evils” . . .

Over last couple of days I’ve been able to knock out nearly all the insulating of the underside of the workshop roof (aka ceiling!).

Below is what was left to do at the right end of the shop (Bay 3) when I started today. The strip along the wall will remain unfinished until I get the wall insulation and covering in place, which will give me something to attach the insulation to.

And here we have the ceiling insulation situation over the front (entry) portion of Bay 1.

And here’s the Bay 1 ceiling a few hours later. I still have two half strips to do to finish up all the workshop ceiling insulation except the strips along the sidewalls.

Here’s the same area as the first pic above, just taken from a side angle. With the ceiling insulation pretty much finished I can now really start in on finishing up the walls.

I also plan to start slowly mixing in some minor airplane build tasks here within the next week or so!

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