Chapter 23 – Right cowl wrap-up

I didn’t get a lot done today in the shop since I was getting ready to spend another good portion of the day/evening in New Bern watching the AeroShell Aerobatics team do their stuff (excellent by the way) and then a dinner out.

I did get the peel ply pulled off the bottom cowl right inside single CF layup for the aft/inboard exhaust pipe clearance bump, and a decent bit of cleanup done on that.  This of course being the final step for this bottom cowling clearance task as well.  The only requirement remaining is for a cross cowl stiffener that needs to be glassed in on the bottom cowl to complete all these niggling bottom cowl tasks.

I did actually buy some stuff, primarily for the wing light installs: I put in an order with ACS for a 24″ x 24″ sheet of 1/16″ plexiglass, cut in 6 each 8″ x 8″ pieces.  Concurrently I put in an order with McMaster-Carr for some hardware and the 3/8″ diameter 6061 aluminum rods that I’ll need for mounting the wing light assemblies into the wing leading edge pockets.

I then went downtown and picked up a cheaper toaster oven to heat up the wing light lenses.  Since acrylic off-gasses some nasty chemicals when it gets heated up, I didn’t want to work the wing light lenses in my kitchen stove.

Unfortunately, while I was out buying the toaster oven for creating the wing light lenses, that’s when FedEx stopped by to deliver the package containing the engine inner baffle forms.  I didn’t realize that I would need to sign for them, so I missed the delivery and won’t be getting them now until Monday (sigh).

I of course have a myriad of things that I can work on, and again, starting tomorrow I plan on jumping back onto the build whole-hog.

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