Chapter 23 – Right mid baffle in place

Today I pulled all the dunnage and securing strap off the aft right baffle on cylinder #2… and of course didn’t think about grabbing a pic of that until after I had already taped up the weights (to ensure they didn’t topple over) that are securing the glued-in top outboard inter-cylinder baffles in place on the right side.

As par usual with these inner CF baffles, I had to engage in a bunch of crazy shenanigans to get the baffle completely set in place and secured during cure.

I also removed the securing strap, dunnage and wedges from the left baffle that I re-glued onto the aft side of cylinder #1.

Here we have a shot of all the currently installed left side CF inner baffles.  Now I just have the inboard cross-shaped baffle segments to install on each side, with an angle tab that will go in to help keep those secure in the face of the oncoming air.

And with that, I set up my requisite heat lamp underneath the engine and left the just-glued right side inter-cylinder baffle to cure overnight.

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