Chapter 23 – Top cowl aft corner

Between loading up all the pics from RR and constructing that web page and coordinating with Nick and preparing for yet another 3-day trip down to Charleston, I haven’t been able to get a lot done in the shop.

I did finally make up a template for the aft left corner of the top cowling where it meets the left wing trailing edge.

Using the template I cut out a small piece from one of the trimmed scrap CF pieces from the cowlings.

After sanding and cleaning both the small wedge piece and the top cowling, I then taped the wedge CF piece in place from underneath.  I floxed the seam and then laid up 1 ply of UNI to secure it in place.  Later on I’ll add more glass/CF on the inside when I create the top & bottom cowl interface.

I used fast hardener, so later this evening I pulled the peel ply.

Although minor, that’s another task off my list.  I’ll try to get some more knocked out on the cowlings tomorrow.

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