Chapter 23 – Oil check door “latch”

Since I was in a massive rush to get out the door to the airport for my ride to Rough River in the back of Marco’s Long-EZ… via Mike Beasley’s house down in Georgia… I just decided to do a quasi-quick video to show the current operation of the oil check door wire pull latch.

Before I made the video I pulled the peel ply on the CF layups and did a bit of cleanup and razor trimming.  My diminutive 1/16″ G10 tab, that I had yet to secure in place with CF, snapped off during the install of the wire since there was a good curve to that.

After quickly getting the video(s) uploaded, then adding an opener, closer and titles to it, I edited it in just a few quick spots before uploading it to YouTube… so here’s my nearly raw video:

After I return and get settled back in, at some point during the week following RR I’ll be heading down to Nick Ugolini’s to pick up the back-up Silver Bullet prop I bought from him.

In addition I’ll be doing some transition training in his Cozy IV and picking up a few build items from him as well.


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