Chapter 24 – More Hell Hole fill

Today was a short work day since I had some personal stuff I needed to take care of.  However, I was still able to get another strip of foam added to the Hell Hole cover/floor.

This strip of foam, about 2.5″ wide, filled in right behind the previous one at the front side of the Hell Hole. I set up my dam/form just as I did before, even with the requisite clamps.

I then whipped up some pour foam and poured it into this next section of Hell Hole cover/floor.

A bit later I pulled the form off.

I shaped the outer surface of the freshly inlaid pour foam section to match the surrounding level of the existing foam, and then prepped the interior surface for glass.

I laid up a ply of BID overlapping about an inch on all sides, again on the inside surface.  I then peel plied the layup.

I’m thinking that tomorrow I should be able to finish the repetitive task of pour foam and glass and move on to constructing the RAM air scoop.

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